Fundraising Campaign

"LET'S GO" is what Southwest Christian Church is doing. We have always been known for our missions support, and now we joyfully accept a "new mission". "LET'S GO" relocate and rebuild in Newnan!

Since 1955 we have worshipped God, served others, and built community. We have been a "church home" to hundreds of families in East Point and south metro Atlanta. We have played an important part in the founding and support of many ministries -- including Christian City, Southwest Christian Care, Point University, Georgia Tech CCF, Martha Wade in New Guinea, and many others. "LET'S GO" to preserve and continue our great tradition of caring and outreach!

In 2012 the congregation approved our relocation process from East Point to Newnan. As of now, our 15 acres of property in Newnan has been fully paid for, a construction "bridge loan" has been secured (proceeds from the sale of our East Point building will be applied to this), and the building is under construction!

LET'S GO Pledge Cards

The "bridge loan" will fund most of our site development and building construction costs, but additional resources will be needed for furnishings and equipment (Sanctuary, classrooms, offices, kitchen, chairs, sound, lighting, etc.) and landscaping. Our goal is to raise $1,000,000 to cover the cost of these items. With God's help, we can do this! We are challenging everyone to join in our "LET'S GO" fundraising campaign. This campaign appeals for giving over and above our regular offerings. Our leadership team (staff, elders, and deacons) has already given or pledged $300,000 towards our goal! 

Please prayerfully consider partnering with us in this effort. We thank God for the wonderful legacy our church has had, but we also look forward with great confidence to this "new mission" we are being called to! We invite you to help us continue the legacy and work of Southwest Christian Church. "LET'S GO"

Join with us by filling out a pledge card and making your first gift!

*You can support the LET'S GO campaign by selecting the "building fund" campaign when you make your gift below, through text, or email. 

Giving as worship

At Southwest Christian Church we believe that Christ has modeled generous and sacrificial giving through his life and death. We try to imitate that same spirit in our worship of God through giving. 

Please consider giving to Southwest through one of the options described on this page, and thank you for partnering with us as we support ministry around the world. 

Biblical Giving

Following the precedent for giving set out in the Bible, at Southwest we give because:

  • We're thankful - 2 Corinthians 9:7
  • We trust God - Matthew 6:24
  • We are blessed - Luke 6:38
  • It is God's anyway - Leviticus 27:30

Give Online

You can give to Southwest right now through our trusted partner Mogiv, Inc*. The first time you make a donation you will have to set up an account with their service. 

*Southwest pays a small fee for processing. You have the option to cover these fees within your giving. When you are prompted to complete your transaction, simply check the box marked:

"Yes, I'd like to cover the processing fees..."

Be sure to select the "Building Fund" campaign if you are making a gift in support of the "LET'S GO" campaign.

Feel free to direct any questions about this process to support@mogiv.com

Text and Email Giving

You can also send a text or email as described below to make your gift.

The image to the left shows an example of giving $10 to the General Fund. The amount in the message body does not require the "$" dollar sign.

Simply change the address of your gift as indicated below to contribute to different campaigns.

For General Fund send to: "swchristian@mogiv.com"

For Building Fund (LET'S GO) send to: "building.swchristian@mogiv.com"

For Memorial Gift send to: "memorial.swchristian@mogiv.com"

For your first gift, you will have to complete some additional steps to set up an account with Mogiv. Later messages will require a simple "Y" or "N" response to confirm your gifts.

Please feel free to contact support@mogiv.com with any questions or concerns.